Boosting Clixsense Earning Earn up to 100$

Clixsense is one of the best PTC website. Members can earn up to 100$ per month. By simply following  and implementing these methods, helps you in Boosting clixsense earning.

Register and earn money

Following methods will help you to Boost your Clixsense Earning.

  1. Viewing All Ads
  2. Playing Clixgrid
  3. Doing simple Tasks
  4. Referring Members
  5. Completing Offers
  6. Doing Surveys
  7. Completing Daily Check List
  8. Installing Clixsense Addon
  9. Activity Bonus

By Viewing All Ads:

Clixsense offers different types of ads depending on advertiser’s choice. Upgrading your clixsense account will helps you to earn even more money due to increase in rate of advertisement. The amount of ads depends on your geographical location.

Members from USA and European countries can earn upto 2$ for just viewing all ads everyday.

Often check clixsense for more Ads. Its better if you install Clixsense addon to your browser.

Playing Clixgrid Game

Clixsense offers exciting game where you can try your luck and earn up to 10$ just in few seconds. Clixgrid is a simple game you have to click any box to win a prize. You can win up to $10 which will go directly to your clixsense account.

As a standard member you have the opportunity to click 30 times. But for premium member 60 times. Each time you click it will open a sponsor’s website. There you have to view 5 second to know whether your luck support to win the clixgrid or not.

There is no special strategy to win a clixgrid. The secret of winning a clixgrid is to clicking everyday.

Its a game, the more you play the more chances will be there to win.

Standard members have less opportunities to win  than premium members. Upgrading your clixsense account will increase your chances upto 30%.  In addition to more chances you have to view ad for 5 sec instead of 10 sec.

Doing simple Tasks:

Clixsense offers easy tasks for earning extra money. A task or job is simply a collection of instructions. By following the instruction you can successfully accomplish a task, and get reward for it. For example, there may be a task to categorize images or videos, make google searches, etc…

You can complete task multiple/ unlimited times depending on task their requirements.

Referring Members:

ClixSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online. Building your down line by referring others you also get commissions.

You also get commission whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising, complete simple tasks and offers.

Whenever your referrals or your down line  referrals upgrade  to Premium, You get commission to  through 8 levels! Hence with multiple streams of income your earnings potential is unlimited.

Completing Offers:

Completing offers plays a major role in boosting  clixsense earning. Clixsense offers  mostly depends on geographical location as a result offers available for you depends on your location. Often check for new offers.

Doing Surveys:

Clixsense offers many ways to make money. The best way to boost your clixsense earning, by completing tasks and offers. You can earn up to $2 for completing each survey and offers

Tips for Boosting Clixsense Earning:

  1. First of all, buy Clixsense premium membership.
  2. Input true and Correct information while filling  your clixsense profile.
  3. Install Clixsense Addon as a result you get instantly notified of new PTC Ads, Surveys and Tasks.
  4. Your survey profile must match your clixsense profile because it helps you to get more surveys tasks and offers.
  5. Build a solid down line by promoting your referral link as much as possible.

Clixsense Payment proof:

Boosting Clixsense Earning My Payment Proof

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