Clixsense Best Paid To Click (PTC)

Clixsense is one of the best Paid To Click (PTC)  advertising and reward program since 2007. Members can earn money by simply  viewing advertisements, completing tasks, and doing surveys.

In addition, website is doing online business for more than 10 years most of all it is trustworthy. It is established and well managed.

Paid to click business model  allows you to make extra money online from home while surfing internet.All you need is a computer and a mouse.Therefore any one can join.

If your are looking to earn some extra money from home in your free time clixsense is place to start, because Clixsense has been online and paying its members for many years now.

 Different ways to earn online

The website offers many different ways to earn money online.

  • By Viewing Ads
  • Playing Clixgrid
  • By Doing Surveys
  • Completing Tasks
  • By Doing Offers
  • By Completing Daily checklist Bonus
  • Referring others members

Most of all it takes only twenty to twenty five minutes daily to earn residual income from home. If you want to maximize your earnings, promote your affiliate link as much as possible.

Viewing Ads:

Members can earn money by simply viewing ads. To do so, click an ad and wait for time to finish. Some people can view more ads than others due to their geo location, called geo targeted ads. Furthermore ads differ  depending  on time and value.

Types of Clixsense Ads:

Ads are divided into different categories due to their time and value.

Clixsense,Make Money online

  • Micro Ads
  • Mini Ads
  • Standard Ads
  • Extended Ads
  • Sticky Ads

Each Ad has a different exposure time that varies from 3 to 60 seconds with different value$.

Ad Type Sticky Mini Micro Standard Extended
Timer (sec) 3 5 15 30 60
Value($) 0.001 0.001 .005 0.01 0.02

Clixsense Premium Membership:

Standard members have less opportunities than premium members. Premium membership allows users to view more ads. As a result earning more money.

Benefits of Premium Membership

In addition to this premium memberships offers higher referral signup commissions and more chances to win in ClixGrid. Since some advertisers prefer to display their ads to viewers who have proven purchasing power only.

Premium membership costs only $17 per year almost a fraction of other ptc sites are demanding. Hence upgrading your account is a good choice.

Withdraw Money

Members can withdraw their earned money in  different ways. Members can request their money through PayPal, Payza, paytoo, and cheque payments. Finally its time to Join clixsense and start making money online from home.

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